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2017 I love you

What a fabulous 2017 this has been. Two exhibitions, published my book, made fun tote bags, held the first FBL improv night, bought my first apartment, but the best part was meeting so many new and wonderful people through my project.

In February, I opened with my first exhibition at Sun Studios. Opening night was exactly as I dreamt it to be. Thank you to all who came along. This was the first time I’d ever shown my collection to the public, and the positive response blew me away.

Plus, the opportunity to chat about my collection on air “talkin’ trash” as I like to call it, was quite a trip. The write ups online and in the local papers was incredible. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to chat about my favourite thing and actually have people interested in it.

So so lucky!

Here’s a little recap if you missed it:

I was fortunate that my second exhibition at 107 Projects in July was more intimate and I was able to meet more people. A few people come up to me with tears in their eyes thanking me for the exhibition. I soon realised that what they loved was the human connection. Getting a glimpse into the lives of strangers is a powerful thing. It reminds us that we are all so very human. And that there is beauty in our everyday. Often people say, “thank you for doing what you do”. To me it is just an extension of my daily life, but I’ve come to understand what they mean. When people tell me that my project moves them, that is the single greatest thing that brings me joy.

Massive thanks to those who have sent me their fabulous finds. I love receiving them. Keep them coming! You guys rock. And everyone who’s followed this project and been so supportive.

I’m interested to know what your favourite find was this year and why. Did you see part of yourself in one? Did you learn something new? Did it make you laugh on a day when you needed cheering up? Share your story on my Facebook page. I’d love to hear it. 

I am looking forward to what 2018 will bring. I have lots of exciting plans for FBL so I am sure it will be amazing. As my friend often says to me…”the best is yet to come”.

L x

A special thank you

I gotta say a huge shout out to the people who helped make this year possible. Jo for her incredible design work, particularly with the book, which I am immensely proud of.

The lovely ladies at Electric Collective. Eternally grateful.

To Cris for being my rock during the week of my first exhibition. What a fun ride that was. From designing my website, to helping set up for the opening night to running around with me during the media madness, you did it all. You were by my side during the best fucking week of my life. So happy to have shared that with you.

To my supermum for all her inedible help and support on opening night.

Marissa my highschool friend who told me I should do something with all these notes of mine. Thank you! This is just the beginning.

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