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Born in Adelaide, South Australia


Signing my books at the Sun Studios launch

laura with streetart.jpg

I grew up in Adelaide, South Australia. Very much a suburban girl with big city dreams.

I was that kid fascinated by junk on the ground. I would come home with some strange object that I’d found.

I liked to draw and make things. To create. My hands were always dirty.

I remember the end of high school, sitting on the end of my bed crying because I was overwhelmed with the choices for my future. How can I choose between all my passions? I wanted to be an artist, an actor, a basketballer, a director a cameraman. It was all too much for this young girl to fathom.

I decided to study television production at Charles Sturt University.

I have been working in television since 2002. It was in Sydney in 2005 that I found my first note. In 2007 I moved to New York for three months, then Toronto for three years. I moved back to Sydney at the end of 2010 and moved to Sydney’s Inner West.

In Feb 2017, I launched my first book Found By Laura, at the opening night of my first exhibition. The response to the exhibition was incredible and inspiring and so I will be taking the project on the road.

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