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Glimpse into a stranger's life...

Ever since I can remember I would pick up junk off the ground. Shiny things, odd objects and stuff that jumped

out at me. I guess I’ve always looked down.

Back in February 2005,  going about my usual grocery run at Woolworths, I found a bright orange sticky note on the shop floor. Just like my child self, I was intrigued by the orange note with a scribble of handwriting. I picked it up. It read: “bbq chicken, bread, milk, muffins…” and on the other side “Andrew – drug and alcohol counseling 1st Feb”.

I was immediately moved by the fact that I’d peeked into the private life of a stranger. It fascinated me,  so I kept it.

From that moment on, the flood gates opened and I found sweet love letters, personal affirmations and passive aggressive neighbour disputes. One day I looked at that little pile of notes on my shelf and I thought to myself, I think this is a thing.

Over the years I’ve lived in New York, Toronto, Melbourne and Sydney. The journey of my travels can be seen through my found notes.

I’m currently living in Sydney and continue to be amazed that there are still great stories out there just waiting to be picked up.

17 years of found notes and counting…

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